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Vetsense Neutracid Dogs



Helps to prevent and treat Acidosis and muscle cramping in horses & greyhounds.

It does this through exerting a mild diuretic and neutralizing effects on acidic substances accumulating in the muscles and blood steam after prolonged exercise. These acidic substances may impair normal muscular function and therefore performance in the racing animal.

It is specially recommended for use in horses with a history of tying up.

Also, when used in conjunction with a daily ration of salt and water, it is an effective treatment for both greyhounds and horses suffering from dehydration.

Due to its ability to alkalinize urine, it may be prescribed as an adjunct to specific therapy to treat bladder and urinary tract infections. Greyhounds suffering from cystitis may have urine that is alkaline and a veterinary surgeon should be consulted for proper treatment.

Sodium Acid Citrate 285g/L

Greyhounds: 4mL added to the food while the dog is in hard work or 6mL over the tongue by oral syringe following hand slips, trials or racing.

Horses: 25mL to 28mL added to the feed or 50mL orally by syringe over the back of the tongue following fast work or racing.

To help prevent Tying Up give additional 30mL by mouth after every workout or slow work, and increase to 50mL after any hard work (if horses are prone to muscle soreness and tying up).

Repeat daily, or as required.

Greyhounds: Do not use in cases of cystitis associated with alkaline urine or severe hypokalaemic states.

Horses: Do not use NEUTRACID within 24-36 hours before competition. Use immediately after hard work and after warm down exercise is completed. Fresh water should be available at all times after dosing. Add to the feed daily or give over the tongue.

Animal owners should only use VETSENSE NEUTRACID to treat disease conditions after consulting a veterinary surgeon. Do not use in cases of cystitis associated with alkaline urine or severe hypokalaemic states.

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