Vetsense Electrolyte Paste PRO

60mL graduated plastic syringe

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Oral Electrolyte Supplement for Horses with added B Group Vitamins, Vitamin E & Folic Acid.

May assist in rapidly restoring electrolytes loss due to strenuous exercise and sweat loss during training, racing, competition and hot weather conditions and provides supplemental source of vitamins for hardworking horses.

Vetsense Electrolyte paste is suitable for gallopers, pacers, endurance horses, polo ponies, show horses etc. after work and before or after transportation. The paste has a distinctive aniseed flavor to assist with palatability and acceptance by the animal.

Electrolyte Paste Pro

Each 60ml Contains:
Chloride         14.00g
Sodium           6.60g
Potassium      4.50g
Phosphate     1.67g
Magnesium    0.80g
Calcium          0.70g
Zinc                80.00mg
Vitamin E       1000mg
Niacin            330mg
Vitamin B1     102mg
Vitamin B2      87mg
Folic Acid        20mg
Vitamin B6      10mg
Vitamin B12    10mg


B-Group Vitamins
VITAMIN B1       4.32mg
VITAMIN B2       2.90mg
VITAMIN B5       5.80mg
VITAMIN B6       0.40mg
VITAMIN B12     1.50mg
FOLIC ACID       0.67mg
NIACIN             10.00mg

CALCIUM               27.24mg
CHLORIDE            309.92mg
MAGNESIUM         99.46mg
POTASSIUM          104.63mg
SODIUM                 93.33mg
SULPHATE            6.05mg

Antioxidants & Microminerals
VITAMIN C         1.00mg
VITAMIN E         36.60mg
ZINC                   4.23mg

Recommended rate of use is for horses of 450-500kg bodyweight. Rate of use can be adjusted for lighter or heavier horses.


HEAVY WORK: 60mL (½ tube before & ½ tube immediately after exercising)

To be administered in the feed or as recommended by a veterinary surgeon.

This product does not elevate plasma bicarbonate levels and therefore will not contravene the rules of racing.

Always ensure the availability of an adequate supply of fresh, clean drinking water.

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