Vetsense Hemo Paste

60mL graduated plastic syringe

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Vitamin, Mineral & Amino Acid Supplement for Horses and Dogs.

A supplementary source of iron, amino acids, minerals and vitamins that will aid in the improvement of appetite, stress caused by racing and heavy training and general health.

Equine Grooming Essentials

Each mL contains;

Ferric Proteinate     67mg
Copper Proteinate  2mg

Nicotinamide          100mg
D-panthenol           15mg
Pyridoxine HCI       10mg
Folic Acid                1mg
Cyanocobalamin     150mcg

Amino Acids
Glycine                    20mg
DI-methionine         20mg
L-Iysine HCL          20mg
Choline Bitartrate   15mg
Inositol                   10mg
Biotin                     10mcg

Horses: Give 10mL three times a week in the feed or as recommended by a veterinary surgeon.

Dogs: 0.5mL/10kg, three times a week with the food.

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