Vetsense Kilverm Pig and Poultry Wormer

Size 125mL, 500mL, 2.5L

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Kilverm is effective against sensitive strains of the following parasites;

– Large Round worms (Ascaris suum)
– Mature/Immature Stomach Worms
– Stomach Worm (Hyostrongylus rubidus)
– Nodule Worm (Oesophagostomum dentatum)
– Lung Worm (Metastrongylus spp.)
– Mature Kidney Worm (Stephanurus dentatus) NSW and QLD Only

– Large Roundworms (Ascaridia galli)
– Caecal Worm (Heterakis gallinae)
– Hairworm (Capillaria spp.)
The above are the most important intestinal worms in fowls, turkey and other birds.

Kilverm Pig & Poultry Worming Range


Directions for PIGS

Contraindication: This product is contraindicated in extremely hot weather.

Administration: VETSENSE KILVERM may be given as a drench or mixed with the feed. It is important that it is consumed quickly for best results. Make sure that the pigs are slightly hungry before administration, that they have ample feeding space, and that animals of comparative size be treated together so that small or weak pigs will be receiving enough share of medicated feed.

Dose Rate for Pigs: Oral Drench : 1mL/2kg (5mL/10kg) live weight

In Feed : Calculate accurately the weight of the pigs and dose accurately at the rate of 5mL/10kg, thus 10 pigs of 40kg will need 200mL. Add sufficient water or skim milk to just dampen the mash, pellets or grain, then mix thoroughly.

If using Skim Milk, add the required amount to the milk and mix thoroughly before adding to the feed.


Directions for POULTRY

Contraindication: This product is contraindicated in extremely hot weather.

Administration: Mix with clean drinking water. For maximum efficiency it must be consumed in the shortest time possible. Withhold water from birds 2 hours before nightfall. The required amount of medicated water is then made available so that the birds can start drinking it at daylight. Replace with clean water after 8 hours or when medication is consumed.

Birds under continuous light should be treated by withholding water for 2 hours then giving medicated water as above.

Dose Rate For Poultry: Dilute 10mL of VETSENSE KILVERM in 200mL of water for each 6kg live weight.

(1.75 mL of VETSENSE KILVERM in 35mL of water per 1kg live weight) Mix 40mL/litre water for 1 day. Repeat 2 weeks later.


PIG MEAT: DO NOT USE less than 3 days before slaughter for human consumption.

POULTRY MEAT: DO NOT USE less than 7 days before slaughter for human consumption.


What is the dose rate per chicken/pig?

Kilverm mL Water mL
1kg 1.75 35
2kg 3.5 70
4kg 7 140
6kg 10.5 210
10kg 17.5 350
20kg 35 700
30kg 42.5 1050

Please know the average weight of your chickens/pigs as weight can vary based on age or breed

Can this product be used on birds?

Yes. Please make sure you know the weight of your bird and dose accordingly.

Can my animal consume the product without water?

Yes. We recommend adding the water so that it can be consumed throughout the day, but if you would like to dose neat, you may do so. The dose rate still remains the same as it is based on weight, not dilution.

What can I add if my chickens are not consuming the water with the Kilverm?

We recommend adding a little bit of honey to the water to create greater palatability.

Can I consume the eggs if my Hen has just consumed Kilverm?


How often should I worm my chickens?

If you know there is a worming problem then we would recommend administering once, then again after 2 weeks.

If it’s as a preventative method, then once every 6 months.

How often should I worm my pigs?

Every 6 months.

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